News of Note:  (May 7, 2005) I've got some bad news in regards to my LIVE scanner.. My employer has offered me a new job, to be located in Lacey, Washington, some 300 miles away from Spokane. 
So, in just a few weeks from now, my streaming scanner service will end.  I've really enjoyed operating it over the past several years, but unfortunately, I can't continue if I'm not here!!  We're selling the house & moving!!  Thanks to all who have listened and sorry, sorry, sorry!!!

(May 21, 2005):  Well, I have about one week to go.  I'll be pulling down all my antennas, shutting down the computers, etc, etc, etc during Memorial Day weekend.  I'm reporting to my new job on June 1st..

(May 28, 2005):  I can extend one more week!  I'm starting on the 1st, but I'll be back the weekend of June 4,5 to wrap things up at home.. Enjoy while you can!

(June 4, 2005):  My scanner has been removed as of today.  Thanks for all of the nice comments (and suggestions) you've all sent to me.  I really appreciate them!  Bob.

(June 1, 2008):  I decided to start up my scanner again, now in the Olympia, WA area.  I'm testing at the moment, but here's a link to another webpage: SCANNER TEST PAGE

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